Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Chan Man Yee and Liu Kai Chi were married in November 1987 after dating for seven years, afterwards because of some rather unhappy experiences as a child, Man Yee once said she didn't want to have children. Later she changed her mind and in September 1994 she gave birth to their first child, Man Chit. However, she suffered from post-natal depression, but thanks to Uncle Chi's care and attention she recovered fully.

In April 1998 and June 2000, they had two more sons and at the time Man Yee described it as having "Three Kings", but during the birth of their youngest son Lok Jai, she had a brush with death due to internal bleeding, but she was admitted to hospital where she had a caesarian section giving birth to 7lb Lok Jai. At the time, she described Lok Jai as her close companion in the battle between life and death, creating a special bond with him and wishing only good health for him. However with the news of his development of leukaemia, this is yet another test for Man Yee.


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