Sunday, July 06, 2003

Cast from TVB's "Virtues of Harmony II" appeared at a promotional event yesterday and as well as the usual cast members such as Nancy Sit, Joyce Chan, Louis Yuen and Stephanie Che, newcomers Yu Yeung, Chan Man Na and Lam King Kong were there to play games with the crowd.

Nancy says that after filming "Virtues of Harmony" the money has been rolling in, saying that she has at the moment ten different products to advertise, of which three have had contracts signed and will be announced soon. She says happily: "Before I have already recorded an ad for a calcium product that was aired in the US, the reaction was great and they have the right person because at my age, it is easy to get osteoporosis, but a lot of ladies wouldn't take calcium pills, but now they all go and buy them from the pharmacies, truly taking Chinese products into the American markets. I will be filming an ad for them in November and the boss is interested in doing this in Hong Kong."

Because Nancy has taken on ads for health products, slimming products and menopausal products and succeeded, she will be careful about what future ads she will be taking on so as not to affect her reputation. She says: "Even just 'Mama Nancy' figures have had a response in China, America, Canada and SE Asia, so I have a band of professionals as my brains to help me out." When asked how much she was taxed this year, Nancy laughs: "To be taxed is good, don't even think about evading it."


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