Sunday, July 27, 2003

Aqua Heroes - airing 28th July 2003

[Ming Pao News]

Every summer, TVB offers the chance for newcomers to the music industry to try their hand at acting and test their stamina. "Luen Ngoi Jee Yau Sik" (Aqua Heroes) prides itself on youth, aimed at the young market fans of Cookies' Stephy (Tang Lai Yan) and Theresa (Fu Wing) and also Edwin Siu and Bobo Chan, throw in some of TVB's own new young talents and there is a selection of faces waiting to be accepted by viewers.

Using swimming as the topic of the show, one of the main selling points is all the artistes appearing in their swimwear. Although the female stars are all just wearing one piece swimsuits, seeing them playing around in the swimming pool should bring a cooling feeling to the hot summer. In order to filming "Aqua" all the stars had to go through special swimming training and complemented with some computer effects, they will create some all new special techniques in their competitions, shadowing the classical show "Luk Sui Ying Hung" (Heroes of the Green Waters) a show for young and old alike.

The story tells of Sheren Tang and Ngai Wai as a divorced couple, each taking custody of one of their daughters Yau Han (Bobo Chan) and Yau Wing (Leila Tong) who are brought up in Hong Kong and USA respectively. The sisters meet again after many years and big sister Bobo is trained to become a hero of the green waters, despite having a disability with her legs. Little sister returns from America and the more spoiled she is, the more her sister puts up with her. The two fall in love with a fallen rich boy Edwin who in turn has feelings for them both. As he has to look after his family as well as his work, he also has to realise his ambitions through swimming, facing many difficult choices in love and career.

Stephy is the one with a popstar dream in the swimming team and she is a singing champion as well as a swimming champion with plenty of chances of shining. Theresa is a young girl on the edge who finally changes her ways and becomes good friends with the other team members.

This summer "Aqua Heroes" will explode with youth at the poolside.


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