Wednesday, July 16, 2003

After his earlier failures in moving into business, Liu Wai Hung (Master Chaan) has recently gone into partnership with a friend to bring out a range of instant foods that is now available for sale in supermarkets. Yesterday Master Chaan was out promoting these with good friends Cutie Mui and Lau Shek Yin in To Kwa Wan as he named each of his range with names such as "With heart and strength" before passing them out to his friends. He hopes that Hong Kong will, like him pick up again and not be held down by one's mistakes and experiences.

Master Chaan had visited RTHK to take part in an interview and had originally planned to take some of his products to offer to the soon-to-be married Sunny Chan and Ada To as a wedding present, but when he got to the supermarket, he found that it had all been sold own and they were waiting for stock so he went to get some from To Kwa Wan instead. Battling in the business world once more and into the supermarket, he is very happy with his new start.

Cutie and Chaan hadn't seen each other for a year because they have known each other for so long and knowing that he is trying in business once again, she says: "He doesn't need to ask and I will be there to support him." Cutie praises Chaan saying that his businesses in the past have been subject to great rises and great falls, but he keeps picking himself up with his optimistic attitude.

Master Chaan earlier appeared in Dodo Cheng's chat show as a guest and the topic surrounded his marriage, business and ups and downs in life. Against the rumours that had arisen about a crack appearing in his marriage, he says: "There isn't much I can't talk about. (How is your relationship with your wife now?) It has always been very good. (Has anyone sought you to do filming?) No." He will be flying up to Shanghai tomorrow.


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