Monday, July 28, 2003

Adam Cheng, Sheren Tang, Patricia Liu and Michael Tong all appeared at the opening and blessing of studio filming ceremony for telemovie "Hung Hang Geep" yesterday. Adam indicated that he will be filming a raunchy scene that tells of Sheren trying to seduce him, but Adam doesn't take the bait because he is sleepy so he refuses her advances.

In the show, Adam has many close scenes with his co-stars, when he was asked whether he has asked permission from his wife, he indicated: "I have to report every time! The first day I worked with Patricia I had to kiss her, my wife doesn't let me kiss her so I can only do it when I am filming!" When asked whether Adam has any feelings when he has steamy scenes with Sheren, he says: "At the time of the kiss then of course there if feeling, otherwise how can you act it?"

Yesterday, Sheren appeared dressed rather seductively and pointed out that she is only dressed like this because it was necessary for the script, in the show she is not only Adam's wife, but also Michael's lover with many racy scenes that are proving to be a great challenge for her. Sheren reveals that Adam has been teaching her how to convey emotional scenes as she says: "Adam says that you have to have very soft and small eyes and relax your voice to be very flirtatious."


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