Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Ada Choi appeared at TV City yesterday to shoot the 2004 TVB calendar with Roger Kwok. Earlier she had been filming in China for TV Series "Shui Yuet Tung Tin" and her return to Hong Kong this time was to attend her cousin's wedding and help her with make up, she reveals that she was so emotional that she was in tears. When asked if this was because she has been overtaken by her cousin, Ada laughs: "Yeah!" When love was discussed, Ada feels that these things are best left to fate and with her thoughts matured and with so many people around her caring for her, she says that if she becomes someone's wife, she will have to look after other people, so she quite likes being looked after right now. Former boyfriend Nicky Wu has a new love, Ada is happy for him.

Ada will be returning to the mainland to continue filming on "Shui" and she says that there is a scene where she has to do wire work on a cliff edge about ten storeys high and she was very excited at first, but when it really happened she was so frightened that she was screaming. As well as taking a huge insurance policy, she made sure that all the safety procedures were followed.

When the success of her show "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters) was mentioned, Ada was very happy, but regrets not being able to go and celebrate with the rest of the cast and crew.


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