Wednesday, July 16, 2003

(2nd photo - Stephanie Che's mother (archive picture) )

Stephanie Che is very close to her mother and recently with Mother Che having been sent to prison, Stephanie has not only been rushing to and fro standing up for her mother and visiting her, she has also had to look after her mother's business. An appeal was lodged yesterday at the courts and Stephanie appeared to support her mother, but when she found that bail had been refused for her mother, she quickly left the courthouse looking very disappointed.

Stephanie appeared yesterday at the high courts to support her mother who had earlier been sentenced together with her third husband Chan Chin Hung for the theft of around HK$11,000,000 in foreign currency from a foreign engineer friend. In April this year she was found guilty of theft and money laundering and was sentenced to seven years. Che Yee Fan lodged an appeal and application for bail but this was rejected by the judge and she was returned to custody.

Che Yee Fan's barrister revealed the terms of the rejection outside the court and said that his client was willing to offer large sums of money and personal references, but this was turned down by the judge for reasons that would be detailed later, as for the date of the appeal this is yet to be confirmed.

Nicknamed "Spiritual Woman" Stephanie has always believed that the colour red is lucky for her, so before her mother appeared in court, she appeared many times in red clothes at the court, but yesterday she had changed her image. She appeared in a black top and jeans with her friends and family to support her mother and after waiting outside for the result and when she found out that the application had been refused, she quickly left the court with her assistant and refused to answer the journalists' questions, just saying "Thank you for your concern!".

Case reference: CACC 163/2003


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