Thursday, June 26, 2003

With her non-stop work since entering the showbiz industry, Fiona Yuen has forgotten how long it has been since she took a vacation, so her latest trip back to Germany was particularly memorable and happy for her. As well as eating drinking and playing, this trip also allowed her to really get to know Germany and although she has lived there for many years, but in the past her efforts were on her studying. This time she was able to touch on the intricacies of the Germans and really understand the situation there, with even her friends saying she has turned into half a German native!

Fiona stayed in Germany for four to five weeks, visiting her sister in Bonn and then going on holiday in Spain on her own. She laughs she doesn't know why she is brave enough to go on holiday in Spain on her own, but luckily she has an uncle who lives there so she could always fall back on friends.

Among the memorable times was an experience of flying in Germany as she did a bungee drop near the River Rhine and found it very exciting as she thought she'd try and get the most for her money, but after five minutes, she was very tired. And of all the places she visited, the place she liked most was the peaceful yet thriving city of Hamburg.

Fiona is a pretty girl, did she meet anyone of interest on her Germany trip? She says: "When I was swimming on a beach in Spain, there was a black guy who came up and started talking to me, at first I was a little afraid, saying I would talk to him next time, but the next day, I saw him again on the beach and found out he was a club singer. (Did he sing love songs to you?) Yes, it was all very romantic, but unfortunately I didn't feel anything for him."

When asked what her greatest gain from her trip was, Fiona says simply that it was beng able to celebrate her mum's birthday and Mother's Day with her mum, and being able to visit her sister and her nephews. Also she was pleased that she got the chance to sculpt some gold and silver, creating a ring for herself and a ring for her sister. Of course, not forgetting to scoff herself with her favourite German bread and cakes.

She originally wanted to stay a little while longer, but her work stopped this idea in its tracks, however because she had stayed in Germany for so long, she has been quite jetlagged since returning and is lacking some sleep. As she headed back to Germany to evade infection, but now Hong Kong has been declared free from SARS, will she tell her parents to come to Hong Kong? She says she will call her parents to tell them the good news, as they did have plans to visit in September.


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