Sunday, June 01, 2003

Walking the catwalk at a promotional show yesterday, Sherming Yiu seemed to be looking a bit plumper than usual. She says that this was at the request of the producer for her new series to put on a bit of weight, but she has gained something else from her weight gain as well - she has been offered an advertising contract for a slimming company! She says that her body gained weight the quickest, followed by her face. She tries to remember to pull her tummy in but on one occasion, she was having so much fun at an event that she let down her guard and was quickly spotted by the slimming company, asking her to become one of their representatives. She says she will consider it after filming her show. When asked whether her boyfriend minded, she says that he likes her to be plump, but she'd rather he was slim because the belly tends to get in the way.

As well as the band of beauties in classical clothes, Roger Kwok and Winnie Yeung also appeared at the event to perform and play games with the audience. Winnie's husband Wong Shui Fan was there to give her some support as it was his day off. Winnie says she was quite nervous as she sung "Ching Fa Hoi" on the stage, but her husband has been practising with her and she was ok.

Roger mentioned that as a guest star at the first show of Liza Wang's concert, he was quite worried when he heard about George Lam's accident on stage, but he wishes him a speedy recovery. He says that he had already found out in rehearsals about the mechanism in the stage and because he does not have very much stage experience, he made sure he was particularly careful and luckily all went well. He says that he did a show on stage in China once and his mic broke down making no sound, he was left with no choice but to raise his voice and shout as he chatted with the audience. When asked if he wanted to throw the mic, he says that if he did that he'd be worried about having to pay for the expensive equipment, but suggested that he could throw his shoe which is less expensive!


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