Monday, June 09, 2003

TVB's new variety show "Chi Chui Seung Tau" (Club House) had its blessing ceremony yesterday and the hosts: Cheng Dan Shui, Jacqueline Law, Annie Man and Priscilla Ku all appeared. Annie Man sported a head of curly hair and laughed that the reaction to her new hairstyle has been huge with friends saying that she looks like Gacchan (Siu Gat from Dr Slump) and Ronald McDonald, some even laughed that she looks like the Buddha himself!

Annie says that getting a new style is not to make her boyfriend happy, she says: "If I have to ask him about everything I do, that will make him very arrogant!" In actual fact, she feels that because her figure is petite, then by perming her hair she will make herself look more mature.

Priscilla appeared in a sexy little top and almost revealed herself during the ceremony. She is working hard on keeping fit at the moment as she will be getting married at the end of the year, but she says that her figure isn't perfect yet as she still can't fit into two of her favourite evening gowns.

"Boss Ku" (as she is known) plans to get married abroad, but has not set a date yet because she needs to fit in with her friends from abroad. As for her evening gown, with much experience of wearing beautiful dresses, she has asked for comments from her boyfriend and the one she has in mind centres on simplicity as she thinks this will be the most elegant.


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