Monday, June 02, 2003

TVB's new show "Yuk Yuen" (Jade Destiny) has received some generous sponsors of jade jewellery and just for the one Jewellery exhibition scene being filmed yesterday, there was over HK$40,000,000 worth of jewellery there. The most precious item was the jade tiara being modelled by Amanda Boll and there were eight security guards and other security officers there to protect the items.

Flora Chan, Damian Lau and Amanda Boll were among those filming at the event where the sponsors had provided eight sets of precious jewellery for authenticity. Producer Wong Sum Wai all the necklaces, earrings and rings are exquisite pieces and to prevent any loss, TVB has not only increased the insurance but also arranged specially guarded rooms for the artistes to put on their pieces.

Amanda wore a strappy low cut evening dress as she played the part of one of the models and the tiara she wore was a design used for the wedding of the Princess of Brunei. The jeweller lent it to TVB before the wedding is due and caught the attention of everyone there as it was the most expensive piece. Amanda said happily: "I really feel like a princess wearing it, but I daren't move around too much because it is so expensive, so after taking it off my neck is all stiff!" Does she feel pressured with such a precious item? She says that to go to the washroom, she not only has to remove all the items, she also has to be accompanied by a female security officer, so she needs to be extra careful. Before, she felt that jade was more suited to mature ladies, but now she realises there are lots of designs that are made specifically for younger women. On her 18th and 21st birthdays, her parents bought her a diamond necklace and pendant.

Flora has also received a diamond crucifix from her fans, but she doesn't want to receive such expensive items from her fans, so she says she will only accept it as a one off. This year a group of her friends played a joke on her on her birthday, originally saying that they would not be in Hong Kong, including Ada Choi who had led her along for a whole month and not even left her a message, so when she opened the door and saw Ada, she was so happy that she cried.

That night, she received many funny presents, including some clown props, a naked man woolly hat, sleazy underwear and sexy swimwear and at the request of everyone she had to put them all on as entertainment, she says that this year's birthday has been the most unforgettable. Her co-star Damian Lau has been very sporting and taken her to dinner, Flora says: "To look at him, you'd think he was very serious, but he is very flirtatious and he says that if he gets to know you, he will kiss you and as I get to know him, I will hit him, our first time working togther has been very happy."


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