Friday, June 06, 2003

TVB's new series "Fan Li Fa" had their studio blessing ceremony and artistes present included Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma and Shek Sau. Some reports say that TVB are strongly promoting Joe Ma, so they chose him particularly for this show and paired him up with Jessica, but there are rumours that Jessica thinks he is not up to her class and is ignoring him behind the camera, not speaking to him much.

In response to the rumours, Jessica laughs: "No wonder people keep telling us to have our photo taken togethr! I don't think I need to respond as I'd be wasting my breath. In the twenty days we have been filming, there has been no-one creating news, no-one late and everyone's worked together fine." When asked about Wu Jing being in Hong Kong at the moment, she says that he has called her but she may not have time to go for dinner with him because she doesn't have much time to go and see friends, never mind date anyone."

As for Joe Ma's response, he says the same in that all the artistes are getting on well and he says that Jessica is treating him very well. As for reports that he only chats with the extras, he says that he doesn't have much of a class distinction and he just asked about them because they seemed quite uncomfortable. He was just doing his part and won't think about anything else. When asked about Gallen's departure and TVB's lack of male leads and so is pushing him up the ranks, Joe says: "The company gives me a lot of chances and this isn't down to anyone's departure."


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