Saturday, June 28, 2003

TVB's new series "Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Sheung Gim Jim Si" (When Four Leaves of Grass Meet the Point of a Sword) underwent its start of filming blessing ceremony at Shek O Beach yesterday and those present included Edmond Leung, Eileen Yeow, 2R's Race and Chan Yu Sam. Music stars Shine and Boyz will also take part in the show and in September they will be filming on location on Saipan Island.

Eileen indicated that she has extended her contract with her slimming company and although they have not increased her salary, but her workload has decreased. Eileen says:" I haven't decided what image I will use for these still photographs, I would suggest that I use a mature image like that of Carina Lau, but they say that mature doesn't really match me, so I have been quite troubled about this recently." When asked whether she will do a pictorial special in Saipan, she says she hasn't thought about it, but if she does it must portray a healthy image.


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