Monday, June 09, 2003

TVB released its ratings report for last week, with all of TVB's main shows falling on last week, among which Gallen's last show before leaving "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) has fallen the most compared with the end of "Sap Man Dun Ching Yuen" (Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love) last week, it was down 5 points with only 28 points, down by about 324,000 viewers. As for "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters) and "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony 2), they had each fallen by three points, gaining 26 and 27 points respectively: in contrast, ATV's "Man Ka Dang Fo" (Lights of Ten Thousand Homes) is standing steady, keeping its 9 points. As for the weekend, the anti-SARS charity shows have raised ratings.


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