Saturday, June 14, 2003

TVB arranged yesterday for artistes from "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters) to appear at a "Loving Daddy Fun Day" activity and celebrate an early Father's Day with the audience. Eddie Kwan brought his eight year old daughter Fung Hing along to join in and in the part where they had to do a 'kissing daddy' action, his daughter excitedly hugged him and gave him a big kiss, making Eddie ecstatic with the sweetness. As for "Screen Daddy" Lawrence Ng, Jenny Shing who played his daughter in the show offered her kiss to him and seeing Lawrence's overcome look makes you believe he will make a very good father.

On the other hand, Lawrence and girlfriend Lo Wing Han kept apart intentionally and decided to keep their professional life separate by not having any photos taken together as Wing Han silently supports her man. When the reporters asked them to have a photo taken together, they both said the same thing: "No thanks!" Is Lawrence shy? He laughs: "Yes, I am!" He explains that they are not evading the topic, but just that dating is a private affair and he doesn't necessarily want her to be wht woman standing behind him, just that when they are working, they stay in their own positions so that they don't affect each other. Wing Han was asked if they had previously arranged to stand one at each end, she said: "Well that will test your skills! Work is work, they are the stars so they will be in the middle, I don't want people to say I am stealing his limelight."

Because Lawrence had injured his back muscles whilst filming earlier in Taiwan, Peter Lai had to step in on his behalf to pick up the children when playing games. Lawrence said: "I am currently seeing the chiropractor, back muscle injuries aren't very serious but you have to be careful when carrying weights." For this year's Father's Day, he says his own father is not in Hong Kong, so they had already been out for dinner. When asked if he would go out with his girlfriend's father, he said: "I think her parents have split up so I have only met her mother."


Yesterday, whilst she was giving out posters to the audience, there was a rush of people that caused a little bit of chaos, frightening her into running away. She said: "I wasn't afraid, I was happy because I haven't had contact with the viewers at home and they are just too enthusiastic! However, this is nothing compared to the fans who have pushed down barriers in the past." Is she afraid of someone taking advantage? She feels that she will be okay with the security staff there and taking extra care herself.

When the issue that the ratings of "Fate Twisters" wasn't so great, she thinks that you cannot simply look at the first week's ratings as she has heard the feedback has been good and the only thing is that the topic of the drama is quite serious so it is probably more suited to the second slot. She says: "The ratings problem will be addressed by the company, the artiste's responsibility is to perform it will and I feel quite content with this series."


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