Saturday, June 28, 2003

This year's Miss HK contest has a talent section in the semi-final where contestants will be split into four groups to perform song, dance, martial arts and drama. Earlier, the contestants were auditioned to select those who will be taking part in the drama team working with Ellesmere Choy and Yuen Tak Cheung to perform some scenes and test their acting talent. The judges will be Louisa So and Helena Law.

When Helena was asked about what she thought about number 7 Wong Chung Hei, she said: "I've not really paid much attention to her. (She has a great figure and is Wong Wai's daughter.) I know Wong Wai, and have worked with him before, but I don't know his daughter. (Will you be biased and give her more points?) Of course not!" As for Wong Chung Hei, she says that when she was young, her father had taught her about acting, but because time is quite tight, she hasn't called her father this time for help.


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