Sunday, June 01, 2003

Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh appeared at a promotional event for the "Dai Nui Fa Lyric Writing Contest" and because Charmaine didn't receieve the birthday SMS that Steven had sent, he did the gentleman's deed and presented her with a bunch of flowers to make up for it. Charmaine says that she received lots of lovely presents this year, including a holiday, clothes, handbag and a digital camera. When asked what rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan bought her, she says she doesn't want to say, because it was her birthday and she doesn't want him drawn into the subject again.

Later this month, Charmaine will begin filming "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) where she will partner Sonija Kwok as police officers, with plenty of action and high speed scenes, for which TVB has arranged for them to receive contact fighting training. On their first day, they emerged pale as ghosts and the next day, their muscles ached after jogging. Charmaine says that she will be making up with some serious training after finishing her filming on "Sai Kwan Dai Siu".

All going well, Steven will be going up to Jiangxi in mid-August to do some filming for another company. He says in the ten years he has been in the industry this will be the first production outside of TVB he has made and he is happy at the opportunity, but he mentions that the influence of TVB is very great, because he goes to so many places where he has never been to before and still people recognise him. He has had a lot of offers of series in the past six months, making some very attractive offers. When asked if he is going to the mainland to evade Sonija Kwok, he laughs: "You can't say that! My contract with TVB isn't up until next year, so I will be returning in the future to continue making series."


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