Monday, June 16, 2003

Sonija Kwok celebrated the renewal of her contract as spokesperson for Sa Sa Beauty and Slimming by donning a bikini and braving the cold for the journalists on a yacht yesterday. Not having appeared in such a swimsuit since winning the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1999, Sonija gave the reporters what they wanted as she posed freely in two outfits and just a little wrap around. In exchange for her hard work in promotion, the boss of the company repaid her handsomely with a diamond waist chain and amulet worth HK$300,000 as a present.

The new year's contract is worth a seven-figure sum to Sonija and is a 50% rise on last year so she is very pleased with it. Saying that she is fit and confident, did she find it hard to bear the cold and the slight rain? Sonija replies: "It's worth it! (It's been a long time since you last appeared in a swimsuit, hasn't it?) Yes, this is the first time I have had a photoshoot in a bikini since the contest in 1999. (Are you afraid with so many photographers?) No, maybe before I would have been, but after slimming, my confidence has risen and I am not worried any more. With the recent training for TVB's new show and the slimming treatment, I have lost 10 lb down to 104 lb, but my breasts have stayed the same size. Sometimes when I am at TVCity, my colleagues will mention I have lost weight and make me very happy."

With a great figure measurements of 33B, 24, 34 and with such a sexy promotion, is boyfriend Deric Wan worried he is losing out? She laughs: "He should be proud of himself, having such a beautiful and fit girlfriend. (Is a bikini as far as you will go?) Yes (laughs) how much further can I go? (Body painting?) I can't accept that, I have already checked myself thoroughly and undergone precautions, so there won't be any untasteful incidents. (Have you added pads to your bikini?) Of course, I wouldn't want those things (what things?) popping out! All in all, I just want it to look pretty, not untasteful." Has the contract stipulated she will be fined if she gets heavier than a certain weight? She says: "There is no limit on weight, but I have to keep it up because I can't be a spokesperson if I am fat!"


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