Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Shirley Yeung and Charmaine Sheh were filming yesterday for "Mo Ming Tin See" (Nameless Angels) where the story tells of Shirley, Charmaine and Sonija who are three beauties in the police force and Shirley's character is always eating and drinking Charmaine's stuff, eventually taking over her house. The weather yesterday was very hot, but Charmaine was wearing a long sleeved top. She explains that because she has to fight a lot in the show, sh ehas to add padding in her arms and legs so to keep the continuity, she has to wear the same clothes. Working with Shirley for the first time, Charmaine says they are working well together.

Shirley was very nervous yesterday, pulling Charmaine aside to check their lines as soon as she arrived and continuously NG (no good - needing retake). Later, Shirley explains that she is very nervous because she is happy to work with her senior. However, the NG's weren't her fault because there was a lot of people and cars and the background noise was too great, so they were interfering and resulting in NGs. She says: "With no rain on the first day of filming, it must be a sign that everything will go well with this show."


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