Wednesday, June 18, 2003

(Report Summarised)

Sandra Ng and Maggie Cheung caused quite a stir at a promotional event for Marianne Chan's slimming company La Femme as they walked down the street towards the press conference venue showing off their great new figures and drawing a crowd of admirers. Marianne did her bit as company boss by giving Maggie and Sandra some designer underwear to match their 33B breasts.

Maggie Cheung had many men ogling at her new slimmed figure and mentioned that she was quite happy because in the past she didn't have many men looking at her like that. She says she isn't embarrassed because she ought to show off her body now that it is at its best. She indicates that she has bought herself an antique diamond watch as a reward for herself, worth a six-figure amount.

Having been photographed recently with her ex-boyfriend, she was asked whether they are back together again. She says that they just met on a meeting with other friends, they have not got back together and he just went to her house to visit her dog. She says she will not think about her relationship for the time being and hopes that the reporters will not write unwelcome things about her, but she doesn't really care whilst she is busy being beautiful.


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