Monday, June 30, 2003

Ratings Reports - week ending 29/06/03

Last week's ratings for primetime have taken an upturn again, with "Fate Twisters" gaining the best result with an average of 31 points and the finale on Saturday saw ratings of 38 points. Male lead Lawrence Ng was very happy when he heard the good news, saying: " 'Fate' was a small budget production so it hasn't been bad to get these ratings, with the happy ending for the finale, it's quite good. However, Ada (Choi) is not in Hong Kong, well see what the producer says, maybe we will all go for a meal."

Also, "Virtues of Harmony" rose by two points to an average of 30 points, whereas "The W Files" ratings stopped still with unsatisfactory ratings and reviews and maintaining average ratings of 28 points. ATV's "Million Lights of Hope" rose by one point, to an average of 9 points.


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