Saturday, June 14, 2003

Priscilla Chan, Hacken Lee, Chris Wong and newcomer Chan Yuen Ki were filming as guests for "Jade Solid Gold" at Tseung Kwan O TVCity. Nnadia responded to some reports that because her performance in JSG has been poor, there are plans to remove her and bring in a new host. She says that she doesn't know about this and suggested the reporters go and ask the producer, but even if this is true, there is nothing she can do to refuse. She was asked how long she agreed to host JSG for in the original agreement, she replied: "We didn't say how long, but I know that for the sake of keeping JSG up with the viewers' tastes, then changes to the hosts will be inevitable."

Hacken Lee normally has no problems with his performance but when he did his duet with his junior Chan Yuen Ki, he was so nervous that he forgot his lyrics and had to start again. All went well when his did his solo piece, but when he held Yuen Ki's hand and romantically sung "Hap Gau Beet Fan" (Time together leads to marriage), then maybe because he was so nervous about holding her hand, he 'burned his whiskers' as he sung the wrong lyrics and then gave the hand gesture to stop and start again. With Lam Hiu Fung off stage not missing a trick, he immediately laughed at Hacken, saying: "It must be because you have gone stiff from holding Yuen Ki's hand and making you forget your words!" Hacken didn't respond after being ridiculed and just repeated the piece again a little embarrassed.

When Hacken was asked about whether it was holding his junior's hand that caused him to forget his words, he explained: "It wasn't anything to do with her hand, it was because the song is a solo song and to sing solo and sing duet is a little different. (You rarely slip up though.) These situations arise all the time, I am only human." Hacken also laughed that he doesn't know if this is the effect of Alan Tam, making him forget his words.


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