Thursday, June 19, 2003

One day, Mimi Lo was sighted at the side of a river sporting a scar on her cheek and angrily washing her face as she cried. Seeing her self-pitying face, you couldn't help but pity her and go over to comfort her.

It turns out that the scar is all thanks to her boyfriend Power Chan! "He knows I have a scar so he puts some strange ointment on it making it swell up and go red!" How can Power treat his girlfriend like this? "In the show he isn't my boyfriend, more like my worst enemy!" Oh, so it's all acting!

Although the stream is actually very dirty, Mimi still puts the water on her face, what a sacrifice for her art!

In the series (Fan Li Fa), Mimi's character has a scar so she has a very low self esteem, however in real life, she feels that looks are not the most important. "I feel that appearance is not that important, to have a good personality is the most important thing, it's just that in this industry we do need to take special care, so like the little grease bumps in my face, if I wasn't doing this job, I wouldn't bother about them. I am not vain, but just keeping with the needs of work."


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