Saturday, June 07, 2003

On the Ching Kwai Highway late last night was an accident involving a five car pile-up with seven injured, including TVB artistes Power Chan and Mimi Lo. Mimi showed an injury to her head that was bleeding as the police and paramedics arrived to take the injured to hospital for treatment.

The accident happened at 11:55pm as a BMW drove towards Kowloon on the highway was suspected of losing control near Lai King MTR station and the Honda, a forty-foot long trailer, a van and another car couldn't stop in time and ran into each other, seven men and women were left trapped in their vehicles.

When the police and firemen arrived, they rescued all the injured parties and of those rescued included Power Chan and Mimi Lo who were in the Honda and Mimi displayed a cut on her forehead. They and the other victims were taken to Yan Chai hospital for treatment.


Em's note: Mimi has since been in contact with her fan's forum and also has emailed to say that she is fine and thankful to be alive. She thanks everyone for their concern and says that although she has hurt her arm a little, she is otherwise fine.

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