Monday, June 30, 2003

Nnadia Chan has agreed a recording contract with her new record company and at a press conference, it was announced that she will be releasing a new song called "Sang Ming Tin See" (Angel of Life). The company had also arranged a littel angel and a little dog to wish her luck, but what touched her the most was a basket of flowers sent from Leon Lai, because he still remembered her even though it has been 13 years since they worked together. She thanks Leon for his encouragement and hopes that she can continue to grow healthily.

Since her last album in 1998, it has been five years and in this time, Nnadia has felt demoralised, she says: "I love singing, but there has been so many setbacks and I felt really useless during this time. I will cherish this opportunity and repay the company for giving me this chance." Her past albums have been full of confidence, because "Tin Ngai Go Lui" (Song Bird) and "Yuet Yee Wan Wan" (Crescent Moon) both exceeded six platinum and gave the seventeen year old a false sense of confidence, thinking that she could do anything. After many years in showbiz, Nnadia has come down to earth and is now very clear what she wants, she says she doesn't want fame and fortune, she just wants to pursue her love for singing. This album will have 15 songs, among which she has written the lyrics to ten.


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