Thursday, June 12, 2003

Nicola Cheung, Steven Ma and Cerina De Graca were filming for a beauty variety show and Nicola indicated that she had bruised her leg in an accident at home so she couldn't wear a short skirt. Earlier she had shot a sexy cover for a magazine, showing off her beautiful curves. When asked if she would be seeking more opportunity to make sexy films, she laughs: "No, my sexy days are over. I only found out on the day that the clothes would be so revealing, maybe there was a communiation problem between them and my agent, because the magazine had asked if I could be a little bit more seductive, so I thought I'd be wearing a little top, but when I got there there was just bra tops and bra's but because everything had been booked, I just had to go with it."

Nicola reveals that this cover had been doctored, saying that the only reason it looks so good is because it has been enhanced by a computer. She never realised it would make her look so much bigger! (Has she been offered more sexy work?) She says that maybe it is because of this cover that she has been asked to do this show. Some rumours suggest that "Jade Solid Gold" will be getting rid of Nnadia Chan, but Nicola says she doesn't know, as for whether she will go back to JSG, she says: "I'll wait until they ask me because JSG has it's own level of diffuculty as it really tests your reactions."

Steven Ma was asked whether he liked slim or fat girls? Steven says: "I don't like girls who are too skinny, I find overly skinny girls quite horrendous. (Who do you think has the best figure in showbiz?) Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung, when I saw Maggie's magazine covers before, I called her straight away to say how good she looks, I think her figure is very balanced. (It's rumoured that Maggie has been having emotional problems with boyfriend Sam Chan lately, will you go after Maggie?) Don't be silly! We are good friends and buddies!"


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