Monday, June 16, 2003

A new movie "Nui Yan 3X" (Women 3X) starring Angie Cheung, Halina Tam and Sherming Yiu was due to start filming on the 19th, but because of Angie's injuries to her face from her fiance, it is not known whether her work will be affected. Yesterday, Halina Tam was rather concerned as she said: "Angie was due to start work earlier than me as I have to finish filming "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Extraordinary Father In Law) first and am scheduled to film at the end of the month, but with this happening to Angie, I hope that she get better soon and things will go smoothly with the filming.

Halina reveals that the new movie is about three women and her character is a receptionist who dreams of becoming a star and later is tricked into becoming a category III actress, she says the story is quite interesting. As for whether Angie's character as her agent will be changed, she says she doesn know because everything has happened so suddenly. Earlier on, Halina had filmed "Tui Lei Ga Juk" (Greed Mask) with Angie and although they are not good friends, she thinks that Angie is a really nice person and is always treating everyone to food. With Angie being injured by her fiance, Halina says that she is an outsider and doesn't know the details, but she can be sure that Angie will be more hurt inside than on the outside.

She says emphatically: "A pair of lovers can be stuck to each other when things are going well, but when they fight then things can get horrible! Why can't splitting up be an open and understanding matter then you can still be friends afterwards!" She has seen quite a few instances in showbiz circles, making her very open minded about love affairs and enters them with a common heart.


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