Sunday, June 22, 2003

Nancy Sit was wearing a mini skirt and an off the shoulder top as she promoted a new slimming product yesterday, mentioning some of the new nicknames she has been given since she lost weight and the greater self confidence she now has. She says that every time she wears pretty clothes she is pleasantly surprised as she has not worn a mini-skirt for over thirty years now and she feels like a "Princess Nancy" from the 70's. As the stage was quite high, she was concerned about revealing herself, so she was very careful when going up and down the stairs to hold her skirt down.

In the past when doing her promotions, Nancy has always worn low cut tops, so why is she just showing off her legs and shoulders this time, she says that this product is for the waist so she doesn't really need to show off her upper body. As she looks a lot younger after slimming, the producer of "Virtues of Harmony" has asked her to wear more loose fitting clothes to tie in her character, later they will be writing into the story that she needs to lose weight due to health reasons.

As well as this, the slimming company has arranged for Nancy to do a photoshoot in Paris, will she be wearing a bikini? She says this will depend on how she feels at the time as maybe the setting will make her feel like going all the way.


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