Sunday, June 01, 2003

Nancy Sit has been through some rough times in her life, but with her strength and determination, she has restarted her life and made a success for herself again in the entertainment world. Bearing the burden of both parents, she has brought up her three children and she is truly a living example of a truly successful person.

Bulding on the foundations of her healthy image, Nancy has been invited to market her range of cartoon character products in China. Appearing at a promotional event for her "Mama Nancy" products, Nancy was very happy to see her dream materialising and was almost tearful with joy.

When asked about her remuneration, Nancy says it is an astronomical amount. She says she has received a prepayment of a seven-figure sum and after the first batch has been sold, then she will continue to receive royalties. It is no wonder that Nancy was smiling so hard as she laughed that she hopes it will become a nine or even ten-figure sum in the future. She says that the company is interested in producing an animated series as well, perhaps asking her children to design the characters, so when she receives the royalties for this as well, then she will be certainly be raking it in. It is estimated that the products will be on sale in July or August and Nancy will be out there promoting them then.


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