Thursday, June 26, 2003

Nancy Sit has always given warmly to the community, especially during the SARS crisis, where she was very concerned about the hardships of society and supported the various charities that were hard at work. Earlier on, she had also convinced one of her American sponsors to donate a substantial amount of money, raising a total of US$150,000 at their annual ball earlier. Among which included about HK$500,000 to the medical facilities at the Hong Kong and Chinese Universities for use with their trainee doctors. The handover ceremony was made at Metro Radio yesterday.

As for why they chose Nancy to help out, they say it is because she is a charitable soul and has a healthy image as well as much influence on many people.

Also, when Nancy was asked whether she has been in touch with Angie Cheung, she said: "I haven't been in touch with Angie, I will maybe call her later on tonight."


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