Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Myolie and her boyfriend...

Second runner up in the 1999 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Myolie Wu has entered the entertainment world and in the blink of an eye it has been four years, with the new set of Miss HK contestants ready to go, what advice does this big sister have to give to the newcomers? Talking from experience, she says: "The most important thing is to grasp your opportunities, watch more films and series and watch how your predecessors speak..." In other words, the most important thing is hard work.

After so many years, Myolie is happy that she decided to take part that year, otherwise she wouldn't have her achievement today and be lucky enough to do a job that she really likes. Last year, from her character in "Lau Gam Sui Yuet" (Golden Faith), she achieved the award for "My favourite most improved female artiste" and this has gained her recognition for her acting but will it also bring extra pressure? Myolie says: "Actually, it is a great encouragement! However, I hear rumours that people say I am demanding and arrogant! Actually I am still as crazy as I used to be, but after getting the award, my confidence has built up and I speak more. I can't control what people think, but I am true to myself."

Recently, Myolie has had many opportunities, after "Golden Faith" she has made "Juet Sai Ho Ba" (Family Man), "Chung Seung Wan Siu" (Triumph in the Skies), "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) and guest starred in "Gai Dai Foon Hei"(Virtues of Harmony), with one series after another, she is the envy of many! Her family and fans are eager to watch her productions, even those whe weren't have been affected by others. She says: "They keep asking me when my shows will be aired, but they don't know that this puts pressure on me, conversely the company tells me not to be so impatient and wait for a good time to maximise the success, so I hope that after they read this report that they will stop pressurising me."

How does Myolie ease her stress? She is the same as many Hong Kong people and relaxes through eating, earning her the nickname of the "cremator". She says: "Sometimes when I am very stressed, the only method to relax is to eat, so I like going to the big supermarkets and buying lots of junk food, such as crisps, prawn sticks, sesame seed sticks, sandwiches, instant noodles and so on and eat them as I play computer games or watch TV!" Myolie has a pretty big appetite, even comparable to that of a man, eating two bowls of rice per meal no problem and she can finish a big pot of soup in one day - pretty amazing!

Luckily, Myolie has the power to stay thin no matter how much she eats, otherwise she will already have become big and fat and probably not have met her current Chinese-Italian mixed race engineer boyfriend. How exactly did they meet? She doesn't really want to talk about it, but reveals: "We met in a crowd of friends, he fell in love with me at first sight, haha!" After dating for two years, their relationship is steady and has not been affected by her notoriety, most importantly, her boyfriend isn't from Hong Kong, so he has never seen her as a star. Myolie says: "When I met him, I was already in showbiz, but he didn't like me because I am in this line of work, I am afraid of people of have ulterior motives and just want to show off in front of their friends... However, after the photo of him was published last time, his friends didn't believe and wagered to run naked if he could bring me out, of course the naked running never happened."

With two years of dating, Myolie and her boyfriend are still in the height of romance and they feel uncomfortable if they don't see each other for one day, that is because they live very close together and her boyfriend will use walking the dog as an excuse to come and see her. Myolie hasn't thought about getting married just yet, she feels she is only 23 and still young, her aim at the moment is to establish her career and work hard at earning money for her parents to live more comfortably as she is a very filial daughter.


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