Thursday, June 05, 2003

Moses Chan was photographed on a date with Juno Mak's assistant Daisy and rumours say that Daisy was later suspended by her company, when Moses heard about this he says that Daisy will not lose her job because of untrue reports. Moses says that since the reports were published, he hasn't been in contact with Daisy: "Even if I call her, I wouldn't be able to help, so I have asked a friend to pass on my thoughts and I am certainly not marking out my territory. (Will you speak to Juno?) Even if it was necessary, it wouldn't be down to me to do it, I am one of the victims too. (Why don't you just bring out your girlfriend and all will be clear?) No comment on personal affairs. (Will you take her on as an assistant?) I already have an assistant, I hope she is okay."

As for the reports that he and Kwong Wah refused visits from journalists, whilst filming "Fung Mo Heung Lo" (Shanghai 1920) for the reason this would affect their mood, Moses responds surprisedly: "There were a lot of people visiting us, this is the first I heard of this. (Do you hate journalists?) I don't mind what you say, if I hated you I wouldn't be speaking to you now." When asked if Kwong Wah was late during filming, he says that everyone has been late before, including himself and everyone has been made to buy dinner as a result of being late.


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