Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Moses Chan responded to reports that TVB will be cancelling their long term artiste contracts, saying that this is company policy and as he is just an artiste, he can't really get involved. He says that it doesn't matter what company he works for as long as he does his best at his work.

Moses took part yesterday in a photoshoot for a well known Photographic Studio with Victoria Jolly, modelling wedding dress and also palatial evening dress, but maybe because they don't know each other very well, they seemed very uncomfortable in each other's presence. Moses is pleased with his remuneration as this is his first advertisement for a Wedding studio and compared to his days as a model, the pay is up a notch. When asked if it was a five-figure or seven-figure sum, Moses says secretively: "Not saying, but I'm happy with it."

Some reports suggest that Moses' agent had suggested that Flora should partner Moses in this job, to this Moses says he isn't very clear as he leaves his work arrangements down to his management company. He has offered no opinion on this job and who he works with, not that it matters because it is just work.

Victoria will be saving up the money from this job, because she still has two years of study to complete of her Hotel Management in the UK, but at the moment she would like to stay in Hong Kong with her family.

Owner of the studio Ma Bo Duen admits that the management company had suggested that Moses partners Flora Chan, but the ad is centred around a historical look, so the European looks of Victoria Jolly is more suitable and they did not want to consider anyone else.


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