Thursday, June 26, 2003

More Miss HK 2003 News...

(Top: The contestants and judges 2nd pic: Number 20 Chik Doi Doi 3rd pic: Cerina de Graca)

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003 has a new award "Diamond Skin Award" that is being judged by Cerina de Graca, Moses Chan and Lai Chi San and the result will be announced in the final. The twenty contestants met the judges for the first time yesterday in the press conference. The skin quality of the contestants is quite good, with number 7 Wong Chung Hei and number 18 "Young Chu Ling Ling" Lee Sze Wan among the best. However, some of them do display skin problems, such as number 14 Tang Yuen Wai who has some dimples on her face, no wonder she has little hope of winning this award. As for number 20 Chik Doi Doi, she says that an illness when she was younger left her with very deep bags under her eyes.

With plenty of news surrounding this year's contest, their exposure to the press has been great, but the general consensus is that the quality is very mediocre and not as good as last year. With last year's early front runner Cerina de Graca falling at the last hurdle, does she regret having taken part a year too early as she may have stood a better chance this year. Cerina says: "I have no regrets, the girls this year are very good and well balanced with their own characteristics and their educational standards are very high."

When Cerina was asked about her reflections and tips for her successors, she says the most important thing is to relax, have a willingness to learn and not think too hard about winning. As for first time beauty contest judge Moses Chan, he agrees that the quality is only very average, but there are a few with very nice skin.


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