Saturday, June 21, 2003

Miss Hong Kong 2003 Updates

Contestants Miss Lau, Miss Ng and Miss Yip prepare to have a change of image

Shui Ming Lo is pleased with her new hairdo

Wong On On's friend is a bit scared, but she confidently poses for the picture

The contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant are currently undergoing their makeovers in preparation for Monday's official press conference. With most of the girls sporting long hair, it would appear that the changes they have had to their hair are just a slight trim to bring out their wilder side and make them seem less ordinary looking.

Sister of artiste Shui Ming Kei, Shui Ming Lo has had her hair cut short, making her look very fresh. Is she happy with her new hairdo? She says: "Yes, I am pleased, I feel really fresh and I have had short hair before so I can live with this. (Has your sister given you any tips for the beauty contest?) Not really, she just says to be myself."

Wong On On who has already caught the attention of the media with her artiste father and 34D figure, rushed off after her hair appointment to go and meet a man in a mask at Landmark, ready to go shopping, they seemed a little awkward when the press approached them. When she was asked if this was her boyfriend, she says that he is just a friend who she just happened to be meeting today. When they were asked to have a photo taken, the man refused, but On On was very forthcoming and pulled him into the picture.

Of the twenty contestants, the reporters found that as she was leaving, a Miss Chik boarded a rather expensive car and it would seem her background is fairly well off. Also, at the first meeting, there were a third who had designer LV bags, will a wealthy background be useful to them? This question was put to Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung who were filming for "Mo Ming Tin See 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D) yesterday and they say that the beauty contest is not a competition of family status or wealth, but of the contestants inner and outer beauty and their grace and elegance. Charmaine also laughs: "Using labels is good, it will help with pushing Hong Kong's economy."


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