Monday, June 30, 2003

Miss HK news update

The twenty Miss HK contestants met with the outgoing Miss HK winners, Tiffany Lam, Victoria Jolly and Cathy Wu to share their experiences. Tiffany exchanged some views on skin care and answered their questions. The most popular question was how to answer the questions posed to them on the stage.

When it was discussed about all the news surrounding this year's entrants, Tiffany was asked whether she thinks they will become afraid of the press, she says: "No, I will teach them how to handle the media and just treat them like friends. (Will the negative press affect them?) We'll have to see if the judges have taken notice, but most important is to face it graciously. (Do you have a special impression of any of the contestants?) No, I don't want to affect them." She also made a point of reminding the overseas contestants that they need to speak more Chinese because when they see the judges, they will need to respond in Chinese.

Number 3 Shui Ming Lo has been photographed recently in a gym doing keep fit, she says that she has been doing gym all along. She missed on activities earlier on because of a respiratory infection, so she is just concerned about keeping fit and not worried that people will say it is a publicity stunt. She goes to the gym twice a week.

As the others surrounded their three predecessors to ask them for advice, number 7 Wong Chung Hei was stood to one side with the Contestant's PA Chan Chi Lin and it seemed she was separated from the others. Later, Wong explained that she had already had her questions answered and just happened to be discussing something with Ms Chan at the time.


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