Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Lo Yuen Yan has successfully slimmed during the last two months from 138 lb to 105 lb, reducing her waist from 36 ins to 26 ins and her thighs from 40 ins to 34 ins, so with her new look, she wore a pretty dress and showed off her results, even more excited than if she had won Miss Hong Kong.

At the promotional event, she measured up and said: "Have you been dazzled by my beauty?" She says that ever since puberty, her weight has continuously gained and she has tried Western slimming pills, but the side effects made her look very pale and after she stopped, her appetite gained again. She says that this course of slimming was for the sake of her health so when she saw Theresa Carpio and Shirley Wong's success, she thought she'd give it a try.

Special guest at the event Roger Kwok revealed that when he worked with Yuen Yan, she was always eating the food that were used as props and her figure was like a bucket! He gave in to requests to give her a congratulatory kiss and laughed that she could be his "Lo Por Jai" (little wife - ref: Square Pegs) and also that he might need to lose some weight too.


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