Saturday, June 07, 2003

Lily Hong has been following her husband Lam Hiu Fung (Ah Lo) as he filmed for "Jade Solid Gold" as she shows off her five and a half month bump and talks of how the baby's head is pushing against her stomach and making her sickness quite bad. Ah Lo says that he thinks he will call his son "Lam Po" with an English name of Bob, meaning "Best of the Best".

Over the peak of the SARS crisis in the past few months, Lily has been kept indoors by her husband and has been severely bored, now that the situation is settling down, she feels like she has regained her freedom and can drive herself out to meet her friends. Her sister-in-law, Sandy Lam and her sister has given her a lot of baby items, so they have saved a lot of money on this, Lily laughs: "Now I am just looking for sponsors for milk powder and nappies, Sandy is making contacts for me, but details will be announced later!"


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