Saturday, June 21, 2003

Jessica Hsuan has just signed for an advertisement for a health food line and this has been the highest paid job she has done since she started in showbiz, but she will not go wasting money because she has a lot. She says: "I want to save it up to become a Cash King. The times aren't good, so saving money is good." Yesterday she was filming a TV prmotion special for this product and it appears she has been provided with plenty of boxes of the product as part of the sponsorship deal and to share with her friends. She says she likes the product for settling the digestive system the best: "My digestion isn't very good and things have been quite stressful at work recently, making it hard to go to the toilet, so I pick up ten or twenty tablets a day and then afterwards I immediately want to go."

Filming with Jessica yesterday was Evergreen Mak who has also signed for five promotional films, with a salary entering six figures, enough for his children's "milk money" and some new clothes for himself!


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