Monday, June 30, 2003

In the promotional event for "Better Halves", producer Mui Siu Ching had showered Moses Chan with praises but also pointed out about a certain star's "Two faces" that was misconstrued into meaning Steven Ma, so yesterday, Siu Ching stood out to explain her comment, saying: "I must point out that I was not referring to Steven and did not have the intention of doing so. When I saw the reports today, I felt very awkward because this is unfair to both Steven and me."

On that day, Siu Ching had received a call from Steven's colleague, saying that he was ill and had been referred to hospital and was unable to take part in the event. It was also asked of her to keep this news secret. Siu Ching says: "I have worked with Steven many times and many people know I care for him a lot. I don't know if it was because I said something wrong, so I need to speak out and help put things right. I have admired him all along, with his voluntary work and his books, he is a very hardworking artiste, with my concern for him, then why would I say such things about him." She reveals that they will be appearing as guests on a radio show later on in the week so they can clear things up further then.


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