Monday, June 09, 2003

Helena Law Lan appeared at RTHK's trip down memory lane promotion yesterday together with other artistes such as Lam Siu Cham, Tam Sin Hung, Siu Sang and Leung Shun Yin. Helena says that she has just finished filming "Sai Kwan Dai Siu" (Master of the Western Quarter) and later will be guest starring in "Yuk Yuen" (Jade Destiny). She says that originally she had two films that she should have been making in China, but she has refused them both on the grounds that as she is ageing, she is not as strong as she used to be so for the sake of her health she would rather make less money.

In actual fact, Helena rarely goes up to the mainland as she laughs she supports spending money in Hong Kong to boost the economy. She says that at the peak of SARS crisis, sshe daren't even venture out to eat and even asked her pastor not to visit. Now she can no longer control herself so she has to go out and "yum cha" (drink tea).

Helena and the other guests talked about Hong Kong's past and the most memorable event for her was te riots in 1967. She says that even through the riots she still had to film and when the director heard there was to be a curfew, they had to go home after a few shots. She says: "On the way home, I saw that the roads were very chaotic and I was really scared, this is why it is very memorable for me."


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