Thursday, June 12, 2003

Having earned the title of "TVB's Dating King" Timmy Hung, not only bumped into his rumoured girlfriend Tavia Yeung in make up yesterday, but his previously rumoured targets of Charmaine Sheh and Cerina De Graca also appeared in the make up room at the same time, creating an amusing situation. When Tavia was asked if she had been to watch Timmy playing football lately, she said: "I've not had time lately, I've had to study my script."

Although the rumours are rife between them and they are constantly the target of the paparrazzi, the two still go out together without a care. Timmy reveals that he went to watch a late show at the cinema with Tavia, Raymond Cho and others recently and after checking out four cinemas they finally found a showing of "Jou Yuen" (Cursed Woes). He goes on to say that when Tavia was watching the horror film, she was so scared that she was grasping onto him and not letting go. After they had finished watching the film, they noticed some press waiting for them in the car park so Timmy pulled out his own camera to take photos of them and gettin his own back. He laughs that he has collected many pictures of the reporters and will be opening an exhibition soon.


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