Saturday, June 14, 2003

Flora Chan, Damian Lau, Niki Chow and Michelle Ye attended the studio blessing ceremony for their new show "Yuk Yuen" (Jade Destiny) yesterday. In the show, Flora will have to take on a love affair with Damian, she says: "Although Damian is good-looking and very charming, he is my senior and it is hard to get into character in emotional scenes, but I hope I can get over this."

Earlier on, Moses Chan and Victoria Jolly had worked together on a Wedding Studio advertisement, with rumours that they originally wanted Flora to do the shoot, but because she has previously been married, they decided on Victoria instead and making Moses lose his enthusiasm. In response, Flora reveals that no-one had ever asked her to do this set of ads and she doesn't believe that Moses will lose interest because of this reason. She says that she and Moses have introduced jobs to each other before and if they have a chance to work together she will not turn this down because they can make money togther.

Damian praises Flora's hard work immensely, saying: "She doesn't know Chinese herself, but the lines are really long, so she spends a lot of time studying the script. (Of course she has to work hard with a top star like you!) She is the main star, I'll just take a step back as her supporting actor or top bit part." He reveals that he had to do some filming in Korea before because this show was originally due to have finished filming a long time ago. However due to the SARS crisis, many scenes have had to be reshot, creating overlaps in TVB's schedules that had to be rearranged. When asked if he had any encounters with pretty girls in Korea, Damian says: "No, I saw some pretty girls, but nothing happened." He says that he had to learn some Korean for this show and it was quite difficult, when asked if he used his Korean to woo a Korean girl, he laughs: "I just recited it from memory! After I'd said it, I had forgotten it all." Damian ate quite a lot of spicy food in Korea, coupled with not enough sleep, so his right eye has been bloodshot and after returning to Hong Kong for ten days has still not got any better.


At the blessing ceremony, Michelle Ye responded to a magazine that had published some photographs of her with a man in the street and reporting that she is looking for a wealthy man. Michelle seemed quite frustrated by this, denying and saying: "He is a good friend whom I have known for 5 years, he was my classmate in the US and not my boyfriend, the report was all made up and he is not a wealthy boy. If I wanted to find a rich man, I wouldn't need to work so hard with making serials day and night! Negative reports like this are detrimental to the image I have built up over the years that I have been making shows."

Niki Chow expresses she is not afraid of filming for long hours and ever-changing hours, she is just afraid that if she does not have enough sleep, this will affect her memory, saying: "I'm afraid I won't get enough sleep and forget my lines, making other people suffer from my NGs." Also, in response to reports of her big sister Chow Man Ki and Alex To's relationship fading because they are always apart and her possibly having an affair with Ng Ka Lung, she says: "My sister doesn't like to talk about her love life, so I haven't really heard her talk about it and I don't feel there is anything the matter with them, so I don't think this is a truth."


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