Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The first anniversary of "Yu Lok Dai Sau Cha" (Jade Starbiz) was marked with a Champagne reception and producer Sui Kwok Hung announced that from June onwards, the eight pretty female hosts (Shirley Yeung, Lai Chi San, Lam Ying Fai, Wong Ho Wai, Cheung Mei Nei, Chan Man Chi, Chan Man Yin and Mimi Lo) will have sponsorship of diamond jewellery from some international jewellers, so a tryout session was arranged for them at the party. Siu also indicated that there will be some guest hosts in the form of well known female stars to act as one-off interviewers for the big stars such as Miriam Yeung and Louis Koo.

As Shirley Yeung showed off her diamond ring, she was asked whether she has received diamond jewellery from her boyfriend. Although she says she would like her boyfriend to give her some, but her first diamond ring was bought for her by her mother as a graduation preseent, but because she is quite absent minded, she doesn't wear it much to work. When pushed for an answer to whether her rumoured boyfriend Lee Wing Ho has bought her anything, she says: "No, but I can earn my own money to buy it, isn't that better?" Recently, she has been preparing her Kung Fu skills for forthcoming show "Mo Ming Tin Si 3D" (Nameless Angels 3D), but after an accident has caused a bruise to her face, when asked if her boyfriend feels her pain, she laughs not as much as her mum!


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