Saturday, June 28, 2003

Edmond Leung will be taking part in TVB's new show "Dong Sei Yip Cho Pung Sheung Gim Jim Si" (When Four Leaves of Grass Meet the Point of a Sword) and indicates that the last show he filmed was "Miu Gai Ma Hing Dai" (Street Fighters) with Hacken Lee four years ago. He says that he originally was only going to guest star in one or two episodes, but TVB were very sincere and asked him to try and do more, so he took on the complete show. In September, he will be heading out to Saipan Island with the crew to film on location, will he be wearing his swimming trunks? He says: "No, I won't. Even if I do, there will be something underneath. (But your friend Andy Hui wore them okay.) It's so out(dated)... no just joking, people rarely wear trunks nowadays, usually it is surfer wetpants.(Are you mocking Andy?) Yeah .... but I have lost a lot of weight recently, so wearing trunks would show off my ribs and everyone can see my skinny good looks."

Earlier, he had been photographed with his girlfriend Tsui Ho Ying in a restaurant, but Eason walked straight past them, with rumours that Eason is not getting on with his girlfriend, he says: "I didn't even see Eason that night, they have no problems, don't get the wrong idea. (Will you be at Ho Chiu Yee's wedding?) Of course, but ask the two main characters for more information."


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