Friday, June 20, 2003

Daughter of Wong Wai, Wong On On

Overseas contestant Miss Yeung

Twenty contestants for Miss Hong Kong 2003 were revealed yesterday and overall the quality is not bad with over 70% at higher education level and a few well endowed ladies whose figures stand out. Appearing at the Miramar hotel, they picked out their numbers, took their measurements and were weighed up. The standards are well spread and six out of the twenty are from overseas showing a slightly higher standard over the locals. They will be undergoing new hairstyling to give them all a completely new look.

Making an impressive first impression was the daughter of TVB classic artiste Wong Wai, Wong On On with her 34D breasts, she easily caught the attention of the audience. She entered a "Beach Gal" competition in a magazine last year and with her 5 ft 5 tall, 34D 24 34 figure earned herself the nickname of "34D Zhang Ziyi". At the time, she responded: "It isn't very attractive, but the 34D certainly does cause a stir." She hopes that men will praise her not just for her breasts, but for her whole body.

22 year-old On On didn't want to talk about her father, as she hopes to be able to brave the showbiz world on her own merits, with her getting through so easily this time, it doesn't look like it will be difficult for her to "succeed her father". With her sweet smile and outstanding figure, she has a good chance of being one of the winners this year.

As well as Wong On On, there are others with some good figures, including two overseas contestants Miss Tam and Miss Yeung, however Miss Tam has a pair of "unicorn legs" otherwise she would be more attractive. Local contestant Miss Cho looks a little like Coco Lee and has an air of elegance that attracted the journalists. As for artiste Shui Ming Kei's younger sister Shui Ming Lo, she was praised unanimously at the auditions and safely entered the finals, she has lost some weight and become more photogenic and looks like she has worked hard on her appearance.

From what was seen yesterday, most of the contestants had covered up somewhat since the auditions, but the overseas contestants were more revealing with one lady wearing a deep V-cut dress. Also there was a gang of six "bag-ladies" all clutching LV handbags. Deputy Chief co-ordinating manager Chan Chi Lin says she is pleased with the qualifying contestants saying: "The quality is very even this year and with over 70% of them university educated, this is very pleasing."


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