Saturday, June 14, 2003

Christine Ng, Wong He and E-kids appeared at a promotional event yesterday to celebrate Father's day and raise money for the Yan Chai hospitals. Christine says that she will be celebrating early this evening with her father and mother in law. To celebrate her fourth wedding anniversary, she will be taking a three week holiday to Europe, she says: "Every day we will be in a different place and staying in different hotels, so just for the hotel costs, it came to over HK$50000."

Also, Christine indicates that this trip has another aim, and that is to create a website for the lifestyle show that she hosts, collecting many of Europe's beautiful people, scenes and the most expensive labels to show her listeners and the media. She says that the trip has been funded by herself and not by the radio station.

Wong He's father has retired and moved back to the village and he often goes back to visit him so he has nothing special planned. Wong He has been filming for "Jui Wan Gau Yik" (Trading Souls), which is the TV version of "Infernal Affairs" and he takes on Andy Lau's part in the story. Those of Tony Leung and Anthony Wong are taken up by Woo Lok Yin and Eddie Kwan respectively: Lam Man Lei will be playing his girlfriend in the show.

As for his album, he will be releasing this after the summer, but this time he will not be going down the good looking guy route, but bringing some maturity to it, hoping to break into the 'mothers' market.


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