Sunday, June 22, 2003

Cathy Tsui posed as model for a wedding studio yesterday and wearing a wedding dress, she laughed that she must be the fattest model ever because she is under some pressure whilst studying in Britain and to ease her stress, she eats over ten chocolate bars a day and has put on 16 lbs, now weighing over 120 lb. This set of photos has to be shot again because she looks too chubby, but she may be signing as a spokesperson for a slimming company soon so she should have a chance to return to her slim figure.

As for reports that her rumoured boyfriend Timmy Hung and Tavia Yeung have been dating, Cathy laughs: "I have called him for the gossip, but Timmy says he is not dating. He also says that he knows I am dating and that as long as I am happy, then he is happy too." Cathy smiles sweetly when she mentions her boyfriend, because he is Chinese too, so her mother likes him very much. When asked what his good points are, she says: "My boyfriend's not good looking, and he looks a bit like "Q Tai Long" (Cartonn character) but he is very caring and looks after me."


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