Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The cast of "Gai Dai Foon Hei" (Virtues of Harmony) made up a dragon boat team at Shatin's Shing Mun River race, with Nancy Sit, Bondy Chiu and Michael Tse acting as cheerleaders for the team. Bondy was not allowed on the boat because of her menstrual cycle and Nancy asked her if she was afraid of "spilling blood", Bondy laughed that she didn't want people to think that the dragon was injured! Bondy had a swimming costume under her trousers yesterday ad when Nancy saw the string from it, she pretended to pull at it, laughing: "Do you want me to unveil the curtain? I usually get paid for this, but I'll do it for free for you this time!"

Nancy was rushing to go into the studio to film for the show, so she couldn't join the team either, she says that twenty years ago, she had MC'ed for the dragon boat race with Lai Siu Tin, she says at the time it lasted a whole day and she had to memorise a lot of history so it was quite hard work. Nancy saw that the water quality was quite poor so she reminded Stephanie Che who was doing the drumming, not to open her mouth whilst on the water. After losing some weight and looking really fit, Nancy was quite covered up yesterday, she laughs: "I'm afraid that TVB's security isn't enough and with so many men watching, things might get out of control."

Three Miss HK's: Cerina De Graca, Tiffany Lam and Choi Kit Man were invited to present the prizes and it turns out that Tiffany had participated in two years' dragon boat racing in San Francisco and had come first before, she says: "The most important thing is teamwork, I thought I'd be able to take part today too!"


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