Thursday, June 19, 2003

Belinda Hamnett appeared as a guest on a slimming special yesterday wearing a lot cut top and hot pants and revealing that her breasts had grown somewhat. When asked if she'd gone up a cup, she says: "No, maybe it's just the clothes, my measurements are around the same as before and I am wearing the same size bra."

When asked if she has more pursuers after slimming, she says she hasn't noticed any, joking that she is still waiting to be picked up. Talking of what she wants in a man, she says: "In the past, I would have wanted him to be educated, have a rich background, but I don't need all that now, just a clean and tidy man will do. (Has the incident with Angie Cheung affected you?) No, although you can't judge a book by its cover, to be honest there wouldn't be such a big chance anyway, rich people will stay low key, it is the poor who run around in the streets." Belinda believes that dating should start off as being friends, then get to know one another as well as getting to know his friends and parents. She also says that she is lucky she has never had a violent boyfriend as in her two relationships, the guys have been very good to her.


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